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Investment Philosophy

We aim to systematically build a diversified portfolio of exceptional businesses identified through rigorous research. Then, we hold them for a meaningful amount of time while we closely monitor them and fight behavioral finance pitfalls that most commonly destroy wealth.

The best investments are made from the best companies.











Major Market


In the world of investing, quality is king

When considering potential investments for our strategies, we prize quality above all. Quality may seem like a vague term, but to us and in the world of investing, it means something particular. It’s a 360-degree investment approach that considers both quantitative and qualitative factors.

Sure, algorithms can run the numbers on revenue, P/E ratio, profit growth, etc. But they tend to struggle when it comes to assessing factors like management credibility, brand loyalty, and company trajectory.

We believe that taking into account qualitative – or “soft” – data, along with the hard numbers, gives us an advantage in discovering the companies with the most wealth-building potential for our clients.

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Want to talk about performance?

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We're not shy about it. We don't post performance in online marketing to remain compliant with SEC rules, but we'd be glad to discuss it in a 1-on-1 meeting. 

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