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Billing Terms & Conditions

Our goal is to give you exceptional customer service and deliver significant value to your financial life while being easy to work with.

Investment Balance
AUM Fee (Annualized)
Monthly Fee - Accelerator
Monthly Fee - Essentials
$400,000 to $1,500,000
Over $1,500,000
$0 to $400,000

Initial Strategy & Setup Fee (One-time)

It takes a notable amount of our advisors' time, expertise, and actual costs to get started with new clients. See Everything Included.

  • Wealth Builder - $1,495

  • Wealth Management - $1,795

  • Private Clients - $2,095

Investment Fees

Our investment fees are calculated on a percentage of your investments and split into monthly payments. Monthly fees are calculated in arrears of each month based on the fair market value of portfolio assets under management in the account[s] on the last business day of the previous month. Investment advisory fees in the first month are prorated from the inception date to the end of the first month.

Monthly Subscription Fees

Because we wanted to help more than just high-net-worth individuals, we offset the cost of our comprehensive planning & investment service by charging a monthly fee until your investment balance is high enough to cover the entire cost. The Wealth Builder monthly fee is $89 - $249 per month until your managed account investment balances exceed $500,000 in market value. Our goal is to get our Wealth Builder Members to the next level as soon as possible.


Your client agreement may be terminated at any time by either party or by written notice to the other party. In addition, you may terminate within five (5) business days of signing your client agreement at no cost. After the five days, you will incur charges for bona fide advisory services rendered to the point of termination, and such fees will be due and payable. Upon termination, Carson Capital will promptly refund you the percentage of unearned prepaid fees from the effective termination date to the end of the month.

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