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Our Story

Hi - I'm Donovan. I help growth-driven investors build their shortest path to financial freedom + fulfillment

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[My Story]

Over the last decade, my wife and I used our joint $138,000 corporate salary as seed capital to build a multi-million dollar portfolio to achieve the freedom to do everything we wanted and nothing we didn't.

While my peers climbed the corporate ladder, I felt trapped, so I turned my focus to one thing: investing to regain control of our lives.

Now, I run a specialized investment firm where I help growth-driven investors maximize growth and minimize waste with their money to ensure they are on the shortest path to freedom and fulfillment.

We use data-driven strategies that built and are still backed by millions of our own capital.

When I'm not running my business, you'll find me spending time with my family - wake surfing, paddle boarding, coaching youth hockey, practicing yoga, or planning my family’s next big adventure.

How did Carson Capital begin?

Donovan's relentless pursuit of the best investments for his family's portfolio inadvertently led him to start Carson Capital. He was approached by multiple entrepreneurs within his network who had witnessed his results, intelligence, and energy within finance. Subsequently, they requested he manage and apply the same vigor and due diligence to their investments, thus beginning Carson Capital.

Where do you come from?

Donovan is proudly from a long line of hard-working midwestern farmers and entrepreneurs. His great-grandfather's company slogan was "Service Doesn't Cost, It Pays." Building companies and investing was a well-modeled way of life while growing up. His great-grandfather and grandfather were both business owners, and his dad was a partner at a top international firm that works with the likes of Warren Buffett. Donovan remembers listening closely as his grandpa and dad discussed (or passionately debated) the best investments on their annual Canadian fishing trips.

What is your investing philosophy?

Donovan believes investing in innovative, well-managed, high-growth companies is the best way to build long-term wealth. Remember, when you invest, you buy a business, not a stock ticker. As Warren Buffett said, "If you are not willing to own a stock for ten years, do not even think about owning it for 10 minutes."

What is your work experience?

Donovan has been an avid investor since 2010 and will remain a dedicated student of investing forever. He prides himself on having succeeded first as an investor, amassing a seven-figure portfolio by the age of 27, before becoming an advisor. He graduated from Bethel University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Before founding Carson Capital, he worked in technology development as a Senior Product Owner at a Fortune 5 (UnitedHealthGroup) company within artificial intelligence and automation. Before that, he worked at a wealth management firm with over $600 million of assets under management in Minnetonka, MN.

Interesting fact about Donovan

I met my wife in middle school in 2004. I wrote in my hockey camp's 10-year goal planner in 2008 that I wanted to "Marry the prettiest girl in the world Tessa Carpenter" and then married her in 2014. Yes, "Going to the NHL" was one of the written goals, but looking back, marrying her was the only one that truly mattered.

Personal thing Donovan is excited about

Moving my family to Costa Rica for five months to surf, build sandcastles, enjoy the fresh fruit, tasty coffee, gorgeous coastline hikes, and sunset beach walks... all before my two kids are in pre-school. This trip will become a reality thanks to the planning years ago using Carson Capital's Life Fulfillment Map.

Meet the Carson Family

Donovan considers himself the luckiest man in the world, having married his beautiful wife, his best friend in the world. He is a proud father of two boys. When he’s not serving his clients, he can be found spending time with his family - wake surfing, paddle boarding, coaching youth hockey, practicing yoga, or planning his family’s next vacation to the mountains for hiking or the beaches for surfing.

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"Carson Capital was built to become the wealth management solution I was always looking for but never able to find."

-Donovan Carson, Owner, Carson Capital

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