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Building Your Shortest Path to Financial Freedom

Full-service investing and financial planning for growth-minded individuals and families.

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Financial tactics and tools to achieve enduring financial freedom decades ahead of the norm. Delivered once a month on Saturday mornings.

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Hi – I’m Donovan Carson. I'm here to help you grow your wealth so you can live life on your terms.

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Achieve the freedom to do everything you want and nothing you don’t.

The shortest path requires...

Maximizing Growth
Eliminating Waste

and doing it all consistently to compound results

Achieving financial freedom or goals is about maximizing your investments while eliminating waste and risks in areas like cash flow, planning, estate, insurance, taxes, and more. Furthermore, your results will suffer if you lack the time, energy, interest, or know-how.

How do you solve my problems?



We put in the hard

work for you combined with our expertise.



Our systems ensure consistent financial optimization.



Proven, data-driven strategies guide us.​



Being human demands a human approach. We're here for every step.

Relentless Focus On
What matters most
What we can control

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How are you different?


  • 7-figure portfolio by age 27 while making an $68k average salary.

  • Deep experience investing in stocks, real estate, angel deals, private equity, and private credit.

  • B.A. in Finance + Entrepreneurship


Ultra-high-net worth services, regardless of your level of wealth.

We believe everyone should have access to the best investment strategies and financial planning services.

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(ongoing service)


Minimum monthly fee, no investment minimums.

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Full-service planning and investing. Designed to put you on the shortest path to your financial goals. Maximize growth, eliminate waste, live fulfilled. Our optional investing service utilizes data-driven strategies backed with millions of our own capital.



(one-time services)

Prices Vary

Per service

Get immediate clarity and expert advice with our one-time financial services. Designed to give DIYers the playbook to execute an optimized plan across cash flow, investing, estate planning, insurance, and more.

Blue Personal Objects
  • Plan + Invest

    Every month
    Take the shortest path to your financial goals. Maximize growth, eliminate waste, live fulfilled.
    • 1-Page Plain-English Financial Plan
    • Wealth Optimization System (annual 700+ point analysis)
    • Budget + Cash Flow Automation (manage in minutes each month)
    • Values, Vision and Goals Planning
    • Estate Plan (Will, Trust, POA, Guardianship)
    • Tax Planning (annual 40-point analysis)
    • Debt and Credit Optimization
    • Insurance Planning
    • Equity Compensation
    • Group Benefits
    • Family Support + Education
    • 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions (March | October)
    • Full Access to Advisor (Weekly + Monthly Mtg Options)
    • Retirement Planning
    • Quarterly Financial Progress Reports
    • Business Succession
    • Digital Account Security Audit + Organization
    • 200+ Expert Money Guides
    • Active Investment Management
    • Alternative Investments (Real Estate, Private Equity...)
    • Strategic Borrowing Against Investment Accounts
    • Customized Portfolio Tax Management
    • Charitable Portfolio Management (DAF)
    • Secure Third-Party Custodians (Schwab + Altruist)
Feature of Invest + Plan

It's easy to get started.

1. Schedule Intro Call
We’ll cover what you’re looking
for and what I do for
clients every day.

2. I’ll build a plan
I’ll build you a financial plan and
investment strategy that 
frees up time and eliminates stress.

3. Live the life you want
You can live your life with the
freedom to keep building things
that matter.

Assess Current Situation

700+ point annual assessment across every financial discipline (cash flow, investments, estate, taxes, insurance, debt, giving, etc.)

Prioritize Opportunities

We prioritize and incorporate high-impact opportunities into your financial plan.

Execute Improvements

We ensure the task is completed correctly by providing ongoing guidance and holding you accountable every step of the way.

Wealth Optimization System

wOS .png

Get Started on Your Financial Plan

Develop a durable financial plan grounded in your values and vision. Your plan will drive the creation and dynamic management of your investment strategy.

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Financial tactics and tools for self-starters to achieve enduring financial freedom decades ahead of the norm. Delivered twice a month on Saturday mornings.

Master Money.
Maximize Fulfillment.

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Hey! I'm Donovan Carson. I want to show you the truths, tactics, and tools that I used to build 7-figure financial freedom by age 27. This is not for you if you're just looking for basic advice on how to retire by 65.


Invest in a life you love with Carson Capital

Meet with Donovan for a quick call to chat or ask any questions you may have.

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