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Let's Build the Shortest Path to Your Financial Goals!


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I'm excited to work with you to find and fix your biggest financial challenges.

This process will be 100% focused on you and your financial journey. You'll have my undivided attention, focus, and expertise.

Next Steps

Please, complete the following steps.


Create your Elements account using the form below


Check your email to download the app on your phone and sign in


Answer the short series of questions to help you enter your financial information

(tip: connecting your accounts via secure sign-in is the quickest)


Join your session (meeting link in calendar invite) from an environment where you feel comfortable discussing your finances

Create Your Account

Download our invitation-only app.
Click this link from your smartphone to download

it for free.

Fill out your information.
You'll be guided through a series of simple questions to fill out your information to populate your scorecard.

Receive your financial assessment video.
I'll send you a 2-4 minute personalized video with insights on what you're doing well and opportunities for improvement.

That's it!

If you want to learn more after receiving your video, we can hop on a call to chat about working together further. No pressure or obligation, though. You'll still have a few tips and confidence in your next steps with your money.

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