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  • Effortless Budgeting That Actually Works

    Create a budget system that works, is automated, and takes only minutes to manage each month.
    • Unlimited access to course with step-by-step instructions
    • Build an effective budget managed in just minutes each month
    • How to plan for non-monthly expenses to eliminate surprises
    • Framework to never fight with your spouse about money again
    • Personalize spending categories to fit your life
    • Automatically track subscriptions and recurring payments
    • Optimize account structure to eliminate hassles
    • Create transaction rules to keep effortlessly on track
    • Automate routine transfers, goal tracking and alerts
    • Easily track account balances, transactions, and investments
    • Discover safest and highest-APR banks for your cash
    • Find your optimal credit cards for maximum benefits
    • Visualize spending to know exactly where your money went
    • Stay on track with automatic notifications.
    • See exactly where all of your money is going at a glance
    • Connect all accounts + transactions across all institutions
    • Find out how much to save to reach your freedom goal
    • Access AI coaching with your secure data to eliminate waste
    • Collaborate and stay on track with your partner or advisor
    • BONUS:
    • Track net worth
    • Customize alerts for only the things that matter to you
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