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Get the best team regardless of distance

Choose your advisor based on their expertise and your goals rather than a map. We meet with clients across the country by using web-based technology where you can view our computer screen. Upon starting one meeting, we asked our client how he was doing. He replied, “Great! I just opened a cold beer, and I’m eating peanuts.” We all got a good laugh.

When working remotely, you can discuss your finances in a relaxed environment from the comfort of your home or office.

The benefits of a virtual advisor

Quiet & Comfortable

Meet from the comfort of your home or office with total privacy and no distractions

Flexible Times

Meet at a convenient time for you and your schedule without the added commute time

The Best Talent

Access to the most talented advisors and investment analysts across the county

Multiple Locations

Spouses can participate from different locations and time zones

Skip Traffic & Parking

Skip sitting in traffic and avoid lost time trying to find parking and directions

Secure Sharing

Securely and confidentially share important documents relevant to our conversation

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