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Helping entrepreneurs 

& ambitious individuals strategically grow their wealth & purposefully build a life they love

World-class investment management and financial planning for entrepreneurs and people serious about growing their long-term wealth. Independent. Fiduciary. Commission-free. Serving clients across the U.S.

We built the future of advice; a comprehensive system that provides dynamic hyper-personalized investment strategies optimized for the right benchmark—achieving your unique financial plan.

The Carson Capital Advantage

Our Wealth Operating System (WOS) replaces the flawed traditional approach to financial planning and investing and with a comprehensive system designed for continuous value and execution

Financial Planning

Together we develop a durable financial plan that is anchored by your values and vision. Your strategic plan will outline our measurable action plan (MAP) that ensures we execute the most important things that drive results in your life. It will also be the foundation of your investment & risk management strategy. 

Powerful Investing

Our investment system is not revolutionary, but it is powerful, data-driven, and time-tested. We utilize it simply because we think it's the best way to invest. We believe it gives you the greatest probability of achieving your goals and creating safety through a wide gap between what you have and what you need.

Effortless Technology

Our advisor-built technology helps you focus on the Elements that matter most to making and keeping you financially bullet-proof. It allows us to proactively monitor and optimize each moving part of your wealth strategy. It also eliminates unnecessary complexity, so we can stay focused on the doing.

Continuous Value 

No plan and no strategy matter if they aren't consistently executed. Carson Capital's carefully built Wealth Operating System (WOS) allows you to focus on living your life knowing your wealth team is continuously taking care of the planning and investing. We make sure the job gets done and done right.

Wealth Operating System (wOS).png

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Wealth Operating System (wOS) (1).png

Wealth Operating System

Carson Capital allows you to focus on living your life while knowing that your advisor is continuously monitoring your critical financial elements, proactively planning, and most importantly executing your plan with discipline. Each quarterly focus guides the key planning topics to keep you financially healthy and on track to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.

Hyper-focused on the benchmark that matters most.

Achieving Your Financial Plan

Does your money work
as hard as you?

You work exceptionally hard. Your wealth management team and money should be working just as hard to purposefully create options, simplicity, clarity, and security for you, your family, and your business.

Our dedicated team of experts aims to grow your capital at a high rate of return over a long period while intelligently managing risk through rigorous investment research, deliberate diversification, detailed cash flow planning, and systematic management designed to maximize growth while countering common behavioral finance pitfalls, which commonly destroy wealth.

Meet Donovan Carson


Hello, I'm Donovan, the founder of Carson Capital.


I am not a CFA. I am not a CFP, ChFC, AIF, FRM, or CIC... In reality, the most robust credentials you can have are achieving a high degree of personal success within the said domain. Just like I wouldn't trust a dentist with crooked teeth or an overweight personal trainer, in the same way, I don't think you should trust anyone with your hard-earned money that hasn't shown financial mastery in their own life.

I'm an investor and entrepreneur turned advisor after amassing a seven-figure portfolio by the age of twenty-seven through diligent planning and investing. I majored in entrepreneurship and finance and have worked at a firm with over $600M under management; however, the most important lessons I've learned are from my thousands of hours obsessively building, managing, and optimizing my real-money portfolio and investment strategy from age 18 to now. Similar to the attitudes of many entrepreneurs I serve, I didn't ask permission from someone or need a credential to become a successful investor - I just went and did it. It took a massive amount of time and dedication. It took a willingness to fail, to take risks, and, most importantly, persistence not to give up while I learned and refined my process.

Why our clients choose us 

They want to accelerate their financial options, control, and independence
They want to save valuable time and energy without sacrificing the best results with their money
They want a advisor with skin in the game who reduces complexity and is a catalyst for decisive action
They realize relying solely on their business or career for financial independence is a losing strategy
They want to purposefully maximize their life's fulfillment, not just net worth
They get that a professional is expensive, but an amateur costs a fortune and potentially years of lost time

See Our Value With No Obligation or Commitment

There is no cost or obligation for this process, as we want you to know exactly how we can help you before you pay us a single dollar in fees or trust us with a penny of your investment portfolio.

CC Processes Simply Explained (3)-min.png

We start by gathering info from you to see where you are and where you want to go to make your strategy session full of value.

Plan on 10-15 minutes to zip through this.

During this virtual meeting, we'll answer your top questions in plain English and review the best strategies to accomplish your long-term goals.

If we both feel working together is a good fit, we'll review our proposal showing exactly what you can expect working with us.

We ask every potential client to take a night to sleep on it before making a decision. You're in control, and sleep can bring clarity.

No hard sell, no pressure. If it's not the right fit, we'll go our own way as friends, and you'll have valuable resources that will help you make a confident decision in the future.

There may be a better
way to
build your wealth

If you're looking for wealth management beyond generic plans that simply follow or underperform the market and want a strategy with the potential to give you confidence for the long term, we can help.

Standing Desk

Premier Investment Management & Financial Planning

Superior Investment Return Objective

Exclusive, Client-only Digital Tools

Objective, Fiduciary Advice

Data-driven & Time-tested Strategies

No Commission Fee Structure

Institutional, Third-party Custodians

Continuous Rigorous Investment Research

A World-class Investment Team

Service Options

Click on the Underlined Text below for more information and examples of exactly what you'll get working with us.

Wealth Builder Essentials

$0 - $500k

per month + investment fee
+$1,495 initial setup & strategy

Wealth Management

$500k - $1M

annual fee (billed monthly)
+$1,795 initial setup & strategy

Private Client


annual fee (billed monthly)
+$2,095 initial setup & strategy

Everything in Wealth Builder Essentials

Everything in Wealth Management

Investment Management

Our expert investment team focuses on finding the best long-term investment opportunities available

We believe high-quality businesses make an excellent foundation for most long-term portfolios. The trick is finding them. That’s where our world-class investment team comes in. Using our strict investment criteria, they perform ongoing rigorous research to identify quality companies early in their high-growth stages that they believe can thrive over the long term, potentially rewarding shareholders along the way.

CC Processes Simply Explained (10)-min.png

One should never do anything without skin in the game. If you give advice, you need to be exposed to losses from it.

--Nassim Taleb, Skin In The Game

We've Got
Serious Skin
In The Game

Our founder has a deep conviction in our investment process and strategy, best demonstrated by his 7-figure portfolio invested alongside our clients. We recommend for clients the same investment strategies used in our personal accounts and the accounts of our immediate family members.

We believe that no one should invest with us or our strategies if we aren't heavily invested in them ourselves. Not doing so would be as bizarre as a dentist who doesn't brush their teeth, a doctor who doesn't do preventative screenings, a personal trainer who doesn't exercise, or a chef who doesn't eat their cooking – it just doesn't make sense. We're all in!


The first wealth management platform of its kind. Built by a team of sophisticated advisors obsessed with creating the best financial planning and monitoring app ever.

All your accounts in one place
Continuous net worth tracking in real-time

Proactive financial monitoring from your advisor team
View your total financial health at a glance across 12 core elements
Track your progress with quarterly reports
Bank-level security on a non-transactional platform

Elements - Net Worth.png

We want to help you on your journey to hiring a financial advisor, even if it isn't us.

Lead Magnet - 17 Critical Questions Cover - JPG-min.png
Lead Magnet - 12 Money Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid (1).jpg

Maximize Your 
Life's ROI

Financial success is just as much about the ROI (return on investment) you get from the money you spend on your life as it is about the ROI you get from your investments. The value of money is that it gives us freedom and options. But there is no point to financial independence if you lack the health, peace of mind, or good relationships to enjoy it with. Build a life you love on purpose.

Happy Ice Cream Eaters

Build Your Life Fulfillment Map

Purposefully integrate your life and money to clarify what's most important to you, then achieve it.

  • Building a financial and investment plan isn't just about planning your money. It's about planning your life. 

  • Make sure your money maximizes your fulfillment, not just your net worth.

  • Remember, success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

Proprietary Life Fulfillment Map - Carson Capital

"Squandering our lives should be a much greater worry than squandering our money."  -Bill Perkins

Image by Todd Jiang

Diversified is Fast

Strong and reliable brakes in a Formula 1 car allow the drivers to go much faster.

Not the tires, the body, or the engine. It's the brakes.

Do you know why?

Because it unlocks the driver from the fear, he can get while driving 220 MPH. 

When building a business, it's the same. You need to build brakes to take the boldest decisions without fear!

The diversified entrepreneur is durable, fast, & nimble!


We often avoid taking action because we think, "I need to learn more," but the best way to learn is often by taking action.

Elements - Net Worth.png
Elements -Scorecard.png

Ready to become a client?

It's time to create the freedom to live without the thought of money.

Parents and Daughter

Build a Life You Love

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