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4 Mistakes Millennials are Making with their Retirement Accounts

The word “Millennial” has been more descriptive of a culture rather than a well-defined group. The Pew Research Center has made a best guess as to exactly how old that generation is, pointing to anyone born between 1981 and 1996. By that measure 2018, the eldest Millennials were 37 years old. They grew up during the dot-com boom when it seemed that technology drove the economy to new heights and likely heard how important it is to invest to get wealthy. They also lived through the financial crisis and may have had difficulty finding work after incurring huge student debt. These experiences may have colored their view of the economy and how best to negotiate it.

Some observers have noticed that Millennials could be making better decisions about investment strategies. Make sure you’re avoiding the investment mistakes some Millennials are making.

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1. Cash Heavy

The biggest mistake maybe not having a retirement account at all. A study from Bankrate, a financial services company, finds that many Millennials are heavily invested in cash. That means they have lots of money in savings accounts and CDs, not so much in investments.2 The strategy is understandable, given how the markets rocked the economy in 2007. Yet, having a more diverse portfolio that earns more interest than a savings account may be best.

2. Fear of the Markets

The fear of stock market volatility may be a rational fear. However, it may be counterproductive, erring on the side of stability, and it may prevent Millennials from creating a robust retirement fund. While a short-term hiccup can cause havoc with an investment portfolio, stocks can produce a good return over the long term if the investor has a goal in mind and a plan to reach that goal.

3. Blind Investing

Other research from financial services companies shows that Millennials are less likely to review investment portfolios or their 401(k) after they’ve initiated them. They don’t look to review and readjust portfolios for market changes. While relatively young, Millennials have the time to do more with their money. They can take more risks, meaning market investments instead of cash. They can reallocate funds annually or when they start to earn more money. A diverse portfolio can help mitigate risk so that one wrong move won’t ruin plans. The relative youth of Millennials also gives them time to plan and invest toward a goal, whether college or retirement. A plan is something that someone who does blind investment hasn’t created.

4. Getting the Full Benefit

If you’re not part of the freelance economy as many Millennials are, you likely have an employer who will contribute to your 401(k), matching your contribution up to a preset maximum. Some employers will match your entire contribution or just a percentage of it. However, some Millennials aren’t fully utilizing the employer’s matching contribution. If the employer matches your contribution to your retirement account at 100% and you aren’t contributing as much as possible, you could miss out on thousands of dollars over time.

5. Strategize with a Financial Advisor

Over a short period of time, the Millennial generation has seen great turmoil in the economy and the world. They have seen more changes than their boomer predecessors have and continue to experience some uncertainty. Having a sound financial plan for retirement may help ease some concerns. Whether you’re starting out in the job market or have a strong career going full steam, it helps to discuss investment strategies and retirement plans with a financial advisor.

Invest In a Life You Love,

Donovan Carson - founder of Carson Capital



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