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An Open Letter to Financial Freedom Seekers

"Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure."

Open road to financial freedom depends on the path you take

If you want to be free, you must invest.

Being an investor is about embracing your life.

We approach our money in a way that prioritizes independence, flexibility, and fulfillment rather than solely maximizing our financial gain.

The fulfilled investor doesn’t ask: “How can I make more money?”

They ask, " What kind of life do I want to lead?” and then build a portfolio that supports that life.

It’s not about getting more. It’s about finding enough.

We keep our portfolios focused on owning excellent businesses with great leaders who will thrive despite the external challenges of the economy or politics.

We prioritize planning focused solely on what matters most and what we can control.

We thoughtfully manage our risk and ensure we don't get taken out of the game—because if you can't win a game, you're not playing.

At the end of the day, what binds us together is a simple goal:

Achieve the freedom to do everything we want…and nothing we don’t.

It all starts with investing in a life you love.

Invest In a Life You Love,

Donovan Carson - founder of Carson Capital


When You're Ready,

There Are Three Ways I Can Help You

  • Become a Client—Apply to become a client of mine and partner 1:1 in building and executing your shortest path to enduring financial freedom. Receive ultra-high-net-worth service regardless of whether you're building your first million or already have millions.

  • Master Money In Minutes—Get immediate clarity and expert advice with focused, action-oriented money courses inspired by my journey to millions and my work with high-net-worth clients. (50% off your 1st-course w/ code: FREEDOM)

    • Build an Automated Cashflow System that Actually Works and Can Be Managed In Minutes Each Month

    • Build a Bulletproof Estate Plan: Expert Guidance and a Platform to Build, File, and Manage Your Estate Plan

    • Get Organized. Stay Organized. Finally, a financial organization system that works and can be easily managed. (Bonus: annual checklist to purge what you don't need and organize what you do)

  • Follow Me on LinkedIn for daily tactics, tips, and inspiration.

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