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Need a Break From Stress? Book a Stay at These Top Luxury Wellness Resorts

The world we live in is fast-paced and stressful. Each day you have so many responsibilities on your plate that it can be hard to slow down. In the United States alone, it’s a well-known idea that as a country people take less vacation time than in other places around the world. That can mean your stress level slowly builds up over time leaving you feeling less than optimal. Frazzled. Burned out. Fatigued.

The best thing you can do is to take a break from stress. Focus on your health and well-being to improve your quality of life. Did you know one of the best ways to reboot your life is by taking a luxury vacation at a wellness resort? The staff and facilities at these wellness resorts cater to a complete overall pampering that is a blissful respite from your regular life. When you are ready to book a stay at one of these top luxury wellness resorts, here are five to consider going to. 

Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe 

Wellness Resort #1: Inn and Spa at Loretto, Santa Fe 

In Santa Fe, New Mexico the Inn and Spa at Loretto is a gloriously modern property that is the ultimate in luxury. Desert chic and well-appointed with beautiful decor, this 5-star experience will reset your energy levels anew. The Spa at Loretto was voted the #5 best hotel spa in the United States by USA Today in their yearly list. It’s a holistic and natural approach to wellness with all the massage, facial, and body treatment services to de-stress you from head to toe. 


Hotel Can Simoneta, Mallorca

Wellness Resort #2: Hotel Can Simoneta, Mallorca

On the coast of Spain in Majorca is the Hotel Can Simoneta. With sea views overlooking the cliffs of Canyamel Bay, the host of spa treatments and activities is spectacular. You can have a traditional spa trip, but also do things like horseback riding, golf, cycling, and even enjoy the beach. Book the Grand Suite Neptuno which also has its own private pool. 


Mii Amo, Sedona

Wellness Resort #3: Mii Amo, Sedona

In the desert-like climate of Sedona, Arizona is the luxury wellness resort called the Mii Amo. In Spanish, that means “my love.” A destination spa with a serious outdoor appeal, you’ll love the services here that always try to incorporate a little bit of nature. 


Amansala Yoga & Wellness Resort, Tulum

Wellness Resort #4: Amansala Yoga & Wellness Resort, Tulum

This full-service wellness retreat is located in Tulum, Mexico. The Amansala Yoga & Wellness Resort is eco-chic and modern to get your spirit back to nature. You’ll forget all about the stress of the boardroom and office life in just a day spent at this luxury location. 


La Reserve Geneve, Bellevue Geneva 

Wellness Resort #5: La Reserve Geneve, Bellevue Geneva 

A spa and villa experience located in Bellevue, Geneva in Switzerland. The ethereal bliss of being high up in the Swiss Alps will almost feel like you are on another planet. It’s very relaxing and modern, with a spa that is world-class. La Reserve Geneve is also geared towards anti-aging therapies, so consider this location a bit like going to visit a fountain of youth. You’ll feel refreshed and energized after a week-long retreat at this phenomenal property.

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