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How To Pass On Your Financial Values to the Next Generation

In the next two or three decades, it is expected that a great wealth transfer will occur. It should come to no one's surprise that a significant proportion of this wealth will come from baby boomers. The oldest baby boomers are 70 years old and the baby boom generation is the richest generation in the history of the United States. No matter how much or how little wealth you plan to pass down to your children or grandchildren, you should prioritize passing on your financial values to the next generation. 

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Have a Fully-Developed Plan

Many people don't have a fully fleshed-out plan to transfer wealth to their children or grandchildren. Thinking about and planning for life after we have passed is something we often put off, and thus, parents are often hesitant to discuss money and finances with their children. Unfortunately, this silence can have dire consequences. 

Imagine an individual who knows nothing about personal finances and suddenly receives an inheritance of $10 million. Such an heir may find themselves wasting money or leading a dangerous lifestyle. Sudden wealth can destroy an individual emotionally if they're not ready for the privileges and responsibilities that come with the money. Therefore, it is essential that you start preparing your heirs long before you pass away.


Work with Professionals

If you're not sure how to financially educate your children or grandchildren, you could consider working with professionals. The best teachers are often those who work in finance—bankers, financial advisors, and wealth managers. This is particularly true because your heirs may turn to these professionals for help upon receiving the inheritance later.

Consider holding family meetings about finances and inviting financial professionals to join so they can pass on some knowledge to your children. The families that tend to be the most successful with transferring wealth often set up trust accounts with third-party trustees for their children. Your heirs should start learning about these trusts as soon as possible.


Teach Your Children To Save 

It is essential that you teach your children the power of saving. The best way to show your children the value of saving is by teaching them about compounding interest. One way you can encourage your children to save is by promising to match their savings dollar for dollar. Receiving an extra $20 for every $100 saved will excite your children about saving. The goal is to turn your children into committed savers by the time they receive their inheritance. That way, they will understand the importance of not wasting the inheritance on frivolous things. 


Work and Allowance

As soon as your child is old enough to receive an allowance, you can start educating them about finances. If you're a business owner, the best way to teach your children about finances is by involving your young children in your business. Hands-on experience is often the best way for children to learn about finances. If your child is older, you can even put them on a payroll so that they learn to put money aside. If your children are younger, an allowance for performing their chores is a great way to start teaching them about finances, saving, and spending.

The most important thing you can pass on to your children is your financial values, not your money. Therefore, it is essential that you start teaching your children about finances when they are young. That way, when they receive their inheritance, they will have the knowledge and skills to build on the wealth for the next generation. For more information about how to pass on your financial values to the next generation, don't hesitate to contact us.

Invest In a Life You Love,

Donovan Carson - founder of Carson Capital



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